Quality Auditor @ BellInc


Position Summary:

This position will work in the Quality Department utilizing and implementing quality system processes to inspect work in process and finished goods to ensure quality standards, expectations and processes are adhered to and in compliance with all customer specifications and the Quality Management System.


Duties and Responsibilities

  • Auditing of processes, procedures, and product to include:
      • Review and verification of the Operators’ process audits
      • Verification of all information on the job jacket (finished goods load tag, WIP, and etc.)
      • Perform process inspections and document records for each process running and quality of products produced. Ninety (90%) of work time shall be on the production floor performing quality audits and evaluating quality to ensure the customer’s (internal and external) required specifications are met.
  • Pull samples from all production orders.
  • Testing product to include:
    • Perform and evaluate testing of products
    • Analyze data/measurements for adherence to customer specifications; pull and test additional samples if noncompliance found
    • Assist with analyzing and troubleshooting of parts out of specifications
  • Management of Non Conforming materials to include:
    • Perform sorting on-line and/or off-line of non conforming product; provide oversight and assistance to others who may be sorting product as well
    • Assist with disposition decisions (i.e., whether to scrap, sort, or accept nonconforming materials)
    • Assist in troubleshooting of nonconforming defects (be able to trace back the root cause of the defect)
    • Communicate defects to the responsible machine operators
  • Provide support to the Department and the Organization to include:
    • Assisting with the calibration of testing equipment.
    • Communication of any special instructions or information on quality issues to the incoming Quality Auditors and/or Dept. Managers/Supervisors.
    • Maintaining quality records by filing or data entry into the computer and archiving as defined by department procedures
    • Assisting with safe practice/housekeeping (AIB/GMP) within the organization. (Be a good role model and help enforce the rules of conduct, safety and housekeeping).
    • Assisting Manager in maintaining the quality plan and procedures
    • Providing basic quality training to new production employees
    • On the job training of new QA auditors
    • Reporting utilization of time (data entry, sort, clean and etc)




This job is open at the following location:

BellInc - Sioux Falls- 609 W Algonquin St.- SIOUX FALLS, SD, 57104