Manufacturing Engineer Intern @ BellInc


The manufacturing engineer intern position helps to develop and implement optimal, cost-effective manufacturing processes and methods in accordance with product specifications and quality standards; suggests/recommends and implements improvements to production processes, methods and controls; helps to coordinate manufacturing processes/procedures/equipment launch for new or revised products.


  • Aids in carrying out process improvement, problem resolution, project management and employee training.
  • Assists in improving manufacturing processes and methods for cost-reduction, quality improvement and efficiency.
  • Aids in the preparation of and presents plans for the above and coordinates deployment including aiding in the training of team members.
  • Performs research, designs and development of manufacturing processes including production flow, assembly methods and production equipment.
  • Prepares and maintains detailed layouts of buildings and equipment.
  • Coordinates and aids in the manufacturing launch of new/revised products including establishing goals, training team members and evaluating results.
  • Aids in the design, development, testing and/or sources of various tools, machinery and equipment for recommended manufacturing methods.
  • Performs product/process analysis for cost reduction, quality improvement, and improved efficiency.
  • Represents manufacturing on cross-functional teams.


This job is open at the following location:

BellInc - Sioux Falls- 609 W Algonquin St.- SIOUX FALLS, SD, 57104